straya mate

back in 2008 i thought i would be good to try and tough it out in australia for a year. since a lot of the friends i had made the first year i lived in whistler were from byron bay i decided to go there. i didn’t really care about travelling around aussie. i just wanted to surf relax on the beach and meet awesome people. that is exactly what i did.
when i first arrived in byron i decided to stay at the arts factory lodge. i found out about it with a little research on the interweb and decided it looked like a good place for me. little did i know, there would be no leaving this place. the most excellent people from all around the world crossed my path on a daily basis and i was hooked. the hostel was filled with musicians, surfers and some of the most rich spirited people i have ever met. during this free spirited journey i stayed in a tent for four months, lived in a decommissioned double decker hippie bus, surfed, made music, photographed, connected and fell in love with some beautiful souls, some i may never meet again.

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